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ZLOJ POP is a noisy postpunk band from St Petersburg, Russia. "Zloj" () means "evil" and "Pop" () means either pop as in "pop music" or an Orthodox Christian priest.

2009, APRIL 1.
First album "Korovij Shum" (Cow Noise, 1999) re-issued on CD. Lyrics included. Order now
2008, NOVEMBER 1.
80 mm CD "3" (Four songs from "Zla Ne Hvataet" E.P. plus 3 unedited songs from same session). Booklet in English, coloured and totally hand-made, illustrations of Michael Gnedin. Order now
2008, JULY 9.
E.P. "Zla Ne Hvataet" (Not Enough Evil). Contains new songs recorded in a garage. Order now
[Zla Ne Hvataet].

2007. Uhogorlonoise Rec. comes back! Buy now American Toad CD, reissued with previously unknown bonus tracks, coloured and totally hand-made. Order now
[American Toad CD].

We started our own Myspace account.

ZLOJ POP/SOCIALISTIC JONNY GOBLET split tape released on Perineum Productions (Lithuania).
A song by ZLOJ POP is included in the tape compilation Svobodnaya Plenka (The Free Tape). Ask for free from Stauropygial Records.
ANKYLYM/ZLOJ POP split CD has been released on Hairy Chested Records (USA).
ZLOJ POP split tape with SPICHKI I KEDI out now on SS. Can be ordered from them.

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Apr. 6, 2009